Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest challenge in operating a Country Style?

Hiring, training and retaining good employees are the biggest challenges in operating a Country Style. We will train you in finding the right employee the first time.

What is the total investment for a Country Style Franchise?

The approximate range is $240,000 to $265,000.

What is the best location for a Country Style Store?

Location, location, location. Experience has taught me that only those locations that meet or exceed established criteria should be considered.

What products can I sell as a Country Style Franchise?

The products listed on our menu and regional products as they relate to ice cream and have the approval of Country Style Creamery. Consistency from one store to the next is very important to our development.

How much money can I make?

The factors that relate to a great location consist of visibility, accessibility, parking and traffic volume. If you have these elements, then the issue becomes one of 1) can you manage; 2) can you control employee theft; 3) can you control food costs; 4) how many hours are you willing to work; 5) can you control portions; 6) can you and your employees provide excellent service? The number of variables makes it impossible to accurately answer this question.

What qualifications do I need to manage a Country Style Store?

The most important qualification is the willingness to sacrifice the time necessary to establish a successful operation. Financial strength and management ability or experiences are also key ingredients.

What do I get for my investment?

The investment consists of use of the name and brand of "Country Style" in a protected territory, use of Country Style Mix and training for all facets of our business.

As a franchisee, what do I have to purchase from the franchiser?

The soft serve mix must be purchased from a dairy approved by Country Style Creamery and trademarked items from an approved distributor. Remaining inventory items must be a specific brand or flavor but can be purchased from a distributor of your choice.

How much training is involved?

The initial training program shall be approximately 50 hours over eight days in duration. Franchisee shall complete initial training program at least three weeks before the commencement of operation of the franchised store.

Am I required to be an owner/operator?

It is not a requirement to be an owner/operator. However, it is required that the owner participate in the training program and highly encouraged that the owner participate in the operation of the store at a level that control can be maintained.